The reveal of the century.

Living in the nude, to me, means living in the open, showing all parts of your personality and embracing every part of who you are. Battistella Developments has inspired me so much with their inspirational campaign featuring amazing Calgary locals sharing their authentic selves and celebrating the diverse community that is Calgary. But there’s a face in the campaign you may or may not recognize...

 Perla Coddington has become somewhat of a staple here in Calgary. She’s one of the newest queens to break into the scene and hasn’t stopped running since putting on that first set of heels. She’s opened for Rugirls, been featured in a pride special “Pride Over Prejudice” which is airing on Global News all Pride Week, and now she’s graced Calgary with her very own NUDE by Battistella bus stop and a full page in Condo Living. Showing off all the things that make Perla...well, Perla! But the real gag of the season...I’m actually Perla Coddington. Can we say, "Calgary's worst best-kept secret?"

 Almost one year ago, I decided to try drag for Halloween. I wanted to see what would happen, where it would take me and then next thing you know, I’m hosting a Rupaul’s drag race viewing party for six months, opening for Tatiana, Laila Mcqueen, Mayhem Miller, Aja, Aquaria, Asia O’hara and so many more. I’ve become a staple in our local bar and drag has helped build so much self-confidence in myself. I’ve always been an extremely self-deprecating person. I’ve put my body through horrible things in attempts to look appealing. And I’ve gotten myself in pretty rough shape from the abuse I would put myself through. For years I would get sick looking at myself in the mirror because I was so ashamed of what was looking back at me. And now, I find Perla has taught me so much about myself and has given me the confidence and desire to accept myself for who I am. She’s made me feel stronger as a man, but also introduced me to a new side of my personality. One that is louder, more outspoken and willing to run the race. In all honesty, if it wasn’t for Perla, I don’t know where I’d be right now.

 Okay! Enough sentimental crap! Let’s talk about what you really want to know! Where can you find Perla this pride season?! Well, thankfully here’s her show list:

 Wednesday, August 29th: One Cycle 5:30 Spin Class
 I'll be at the head of the One Cycle spinning pack alongside my sisters Abeiya Miraj and Stephanie Prince. Come get sweaty while we look like beautiful, perfect, modelesque women. 

 Denim and Diamond Vogue Ball at Cowboys
There are few things everyone should love more than a ball. One of those things that I love is judging one. Come serve a look in one of the many categories to win my praise. Just kidding, I love you all. But come out and walk the runway nonetheless. 

Thursday, August 30th: Sashay, Fillet! At Hotel Arts featuring Yuhua Hamasaki

We will be serving fish, henny. Well, fishy looks, at least. I'll be paired up with a local chef to compete in a cooking challenge for the gods against other local drag stars. Perfect for fans of both RuPaul's Drag Race and Top Chef Canada. 

 Friday, August 31st WERK at the Palace Theatre featuring Asia O’Hara and Aquaria

 I'll be spilling the T with online celebrity Lucas Dell as RuPaul royalty and reigning queen Aquaria and runner-up Asia O'Hara take to the stage at the Palace.

 Saturday, September 1st

Everyone needs a rest day. Maybe you'll spot me eating brunch in the Beltline or maybe I'll just hide at home.

 Sunday, September 2nd: Shaw Float in the Calgary Pride Parade

I've been practicing a wave fit for a queen and you won't want to miss having that bestowed upon you.

 HOT MESS at Commonwealth featuring Aja Kween I'll be opening the show for the Drag Race season 9 and All-Stars 3 scene-stealer Aja the Kween. Best beware if you're looking like Linda Evangelista.

 HAPPY PRIDE, CALGARY! Get ready for the Perla takeover!
And to learn more about NUDE by Battistella visit 

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