A boy in the sun.

Beret - Maison Simons, Top - Toit Volant, Turtleneck - Oak + Fort, Pants - Dries Van Noten, 
Mules - Gucci

I'm actually shocked that it's mid-way through October and I'm currently outside in two tops and not freezing my ass off. We all know Calgary can be an extremely cold place so I'm fully taking advantage of the weather while it's still here. I've been really trying to find a way to wear these trousers again. It's been so long. Though I've noticed this season it's been a bit harder to really play with my layers like I did last winter. If you've been following along, the last few months I've been really focusing on my health and have started getting more active. I've been going to the gym a lot more and have been really watching what I eat. So with this change, my body has really started to show it. A lot of my usual layering styles just really don't like fitting anymore. It's a weird adjustment for sure, but I'm really excited to figure out new ways of wearing my clothes even if it means sacrificing my usual layers. 

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