A boy in his scarf.

Scarf - Canada Goose, Blazer - Velour Vintage, Mockneck - Oak + Fort, Pants - Oak + Fort, 
Shoes - Prada

The first scarf post of fall! It happened!! I don't think you guys understand how much I've missed scarves. I love them so damn much. Also, you've probably noticed by now, but things have been getting a whole lot warmer on the blog and on instagram! I'm super happy with the transition and how it's all turned out. And I'm so excited to show it off when the snow falls! Though right now I'm super focused on shooting as much fall/winter as I possibly can before the snow starts to fall. I think it'll be nice to keep some winter looks cleaner without lots of mucky snow in the background so pray for me! 
I'm really excited to show you all my ideas for fall/winter and how much fun I'm gonna be having with impractical layers. 

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