Jacket - Zara, Sweater - Caroline Issa, Pants - Brunello Cucinelli, Shoes - Prada

Does this make me HYPEBEAST yet?
Okay jokes aside though, I've always wanted to use smoke bombs in photos and I finally got the opportunity to do so! It was a pretty hilarious attempt that only resulted in one minor burn and a tree stained red. 
We tested it out with the white smoke bomb near water. We wanted to be a little safe and see how it would work. I decided to try holding it so we could get some interesting shots but due to the wind, I had to put it down (and due to sparks hitting my hand). We tested out another bomb to see how it would work, but that didn't turn out as planned either. So we decided to go into the trees where there's less wind and test a bomb there. Luckily we were left with some really cool shots, and I'd hope that it worked out well! I'm really excited to experiment with more artistic photos in the future! I think it brings a whole new element to the fashion blogger aesthetic for sure. 

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