Vancouver, a photo diary

It was a much needed escape from Calgary for an amazing weekend with my favorite people. I was so excited when I was approached with the idea of spending the Easter long weekend in Vancouver. Obviously I instantly said yes and the planning began. 
We drove up thursday, with a quick overnight rest in Kamloops and then it was onto Vancouver!
I don't know how, but we landed the cutest Airbnb off of Main Street. Which you can check out and rent if you'd like to by clicking right here. I'd definitely recommend looking into this spot if you're headed to vancouver anytime soon. We were about a 20min walk away from everything. Perfect location, the airbnb was super clean and spacious. I honestly didn't want to leave it. 

The trip was filled with a ton of laughs, amazing food and the best memories. It definitely left me loving Vancouver and loving the people I went with even more than I already did. So, to remember the trip, here's my favorite photos from Vacnouver! (thank you Michaela for playing photographer when needed). 

I think by far my favorite part of Vancouver was gastown (photographed above). With a ton of amazing local shops and this very New York feel to it, Gastown pulled me in and stole my heart. Every little corner was so photogenic and every shop was so beautifully curated. Definitely a must-stop on your trip. 

Places to check out on your next trip to Vancouver:

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