Let me ramble.

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So today I was listening to a really interesting podcast that discussed the use of social media and it's affect on an individual's self-esteem. I thought it was really interesting to really relate to some points that were stated and how social media can really change the way you feel about yourself or view yourself. There was the discussion about how social media can create such a strong sense of pride when there is success but can tear you down during a period of decreases. 
It was extremely fascinating to hear this from people with nearly half a million followers. Not only did they talk about the detachment they feel to their social media when it's not performing, but they also touched upon social media personas and how that can really alter people's impressions of you. 
As someone who is very introverted and awkward in person, it really made me think about the image I put out to people. (though obviously my following is much smaller but WHATEVER) I've had a lot of moments where people have come up to me and talked to me about my instagram persona and how I appear online. Most people think i'm going to be a lot more serious and a lot more stand-offish. It's always come off as more of a "I always thought you would be an extreme bitch" versus a "omg you seem like a genuinely nice person!" and attempting to prove people the opposite can be so difficult. I've had people refuse to interact with me solely based on how I came off through social media and spread horrible things about me because of my neutral facial expression. 
I started moving towards a funnier approach to my photos to help create a more open dialogue with the people following me. Allowing me to make fun of myself and put out this "I know I look ridiculous in this photo, lemme do me" kind of vibe. Even with that change, my persona has still stuck to the 'snobbish fashion gay'. 
I guess instead of me rambling on, I think the real take-away from this is to really focus on your own individuality and who you really are apart from this 'social media persona'. Bring in your originality, and allow yourself to create a genuine view of yourself, no matter how people look at it and how they see you, as long as you're able to look at yourself and your social media and feel like that is the authentic 'you', keep going. People are going to view that version of yourself however they want, but as long as you know the real you, that's all that really matters.
I feel like none of this makes sense, but I'm kind of just spitting out my thoughts. 
blah blah blah. I'm done

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