Instagram 101: Editing your photos for your feed

So a few posts back we had a good ol' chat about instagram feeds and getting your aesthetic together. Now we're gonna talk about editing apps and ones I recommend using/ones I use!

Starting off the list, we're gonna talk about VSCO.
I use this app RELIGIOUSLY when it comes to editing photos. When I first started using VSCO, I refused to use the filters. Now I'm completely hooked. I recently purchased the "Minimalist" filter pack (around $5CAD) and am extremely happy with the options. For editing I use A9 and sometimes A8.

After applying the filter, I'll go into the adjustments and edit the contrast and brightness. I'll make the brightness lower to expose less and the contrast to brighten what's still lit up. After I'll sharpen, adjust the saturation and if needed, and adjust the temperature to cool the photo down.
After taking my photo through VSCO, next step is to go into Facetune.
Facetune is amazing for enhancing the whites in a photo, heighten hair and outfit details, and adjusting any awkward bumps out of the clothing. Like I've said before, I wont actually alter my body or size in any way, but if an item of clothing has a weird bend or bump in it, I'll flatten that out to make everything smoother. I'll also adjust the harshness of my skin if needed. I have fairly clear skin, but there's always the occasional lump or bump. We're all humans.

Another App I recommend checking out is Touch Retouch. It's an amazing app that'll allow you to remove objects and people from the photos, which makes getting a clear and empty shot 10x easier. Sometimes it's nearly impossible to actually get that crisp shot if the location is crowded, but Touch Retouch allows you to fix that! Highly recommend if you don't have it already.

And that's my process for editing! If you have any other question, I'm more than happy to answer them! Feel free to email me, Instagram DM me, or comment below and i'll answer!
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