My editing process + editing Apps

Lets talk about holding up that instagram aesthetic and my secrets to editing my photos!
I've had a few messages asking about my editing process, so I decided to show how I edit my photos! We'll use this photo from a look I have yet to post so everyone can see a before/after of a photo I haven't posted on Instagram yet. 
Above, on the left is the unedited photo. It had a quick run through photoshop to adjust the curves and saturation, but other than that, nothing. And on the right is the final edit. It's gone through VSCO and Facetune. If you use an SLR camera like I do, I suggest signing up for Dropbox if you haven't already! It's the best way to upload photos directly from your computer, onto your phone. Just sign up and download the dropbox app on your phone and you're ready to share! I've signed up for their $12 a month program to make sure I always have the space to add photos/videos and anything else onto my phone. Though the free version works just as well! 

So we officially have our photo on our phones, and have entered it into our first editing app: 

What I love about VSCO (besides the fact that it's a free app) is that it provides you with some amazing filters to layer onto your images that you can still edit as well. I will rarely touch those filters, but I know a ton of bloggers will use them to get that instagram aesthetic perfectly synced up between photos, but I like to live on the edge. 
I don't really do much on VSCO besides increase the contrast, and exposure. I like to sharpen the image as well and then turn down the saturation to keep with the greyscale aesthetic. Sometimes, if needed, I'll also adjust the temperature on the image to remove they red tone and make it a little cooler with the blue. 
After VSCO, I take it to Facetune. I'd have to say that facetune is actually my secret weapon. I don't think I use the whitening feature as I should, but it just makes the backgrounds so much whiter and I love it. After whitening, I'll go in with detail and add some detail to my hair and to the texture of the clothing. I rarely smooth out my complexion unless I absolutely have to. I just don't really like how smooth it makes my skin.
VERY RARELY I'll go through and adjust how the product sits on me. As you can see in the images above, the pants give me a weird baggy section on my inner thigh that makes my leg look a little wonky. So I smoothed that out with the reshape tool. Just to put it out there, I am one who is super against altering my body in any way when it comes to editing. I don't like putting out this false idea of what I look like and what my body looks like. BUT when it comes to adjusting a wrinkle in the fabric, or it's hanging funny, I'll definitely go in and fix that. Just know that I won't photoshop myself and provide a false image of myself to you all!

And even though it's not included in the editing of the photo above, I thought I'd still show another app I've recently come to love. A friend of mine showed it to me and I'm loving everything about it! The app is TouchRetouch and it's editing perfection

And that's my editing process! If you're wanting a more in-depth look at my editing, I can definitely see about adding a video to my youtube channel for everyone! Let me know if that's something you'd like! And let me know some of your editing secrets! Do you use the same apps that I do?

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