We NEED to talk about Piazza Sempione Pre-fall2016

I have been so horribly uninspired with fashion lately, and I'm so sad to say that. I've found myself trapped in the same cycle, trying to figure out what I like, what I dislike and what I want to wear each day. It's been a super uninspiring season, and I think the lack of influential collections from SS17 put me in this funk.
Until today. I had seen the Diane Von Furstenberg Pre-fall17 pop up on my computer and decided to see what other collections have shown for Pre-fall. That's when I stumbled across THE MOST jaw-dropping collection. Piazza Sempione just came up behind me and threw me to the ground with THE BEST pre-fall collection out there. I'm absolutely amazed. It's 1am as I'm writing this, but I honestly can't stop thinking about the looks! I HAVE to get them on here before I go to bed. So I'll stop rambling and let you creep on through my favorite looks, but if you want to see the full collection, Click right HERE! 

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