Instagram is such an interesting community. There really is a sense of pride in the work you create, and it feels so good to know that others love what you do. As someone who focuses on the unconventional side of menswear, I find it hard to really seek out a group of people that see what you do and really appreciate it.
I've been fortunate enough to be part of a group of guys that not only have extremely different looks and tastes, but ones that support other guys in this industry. It can be so hard to build a community and really establish a group of people that honestly love what you produce and vice-versa. So to celebrate this amazing group, I've decided to share them with all of you! Show some love to these amazing guys cause honestly, they all deserve it, and I'm so excited to watch their careers and lives flourish down whatever path they choose.

Click the username for a direct link to their instagram profiles, and don't forget to follow while you creep ;)

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