Surprise Bitch

Coat - Vintage, Jumpsuit - Oak + Fort, Turtleneck - Oak + Fort, Shoes - United Nude, Toque - Noul

THANK GOD! I'm finally back! 
Sorry about the almost month long post hiatus! But I'm finally back! To make it short and sweet, I got Mono (yeah... I know... i'm 11) and was stuck on my sofa for 20 days before finally gaining the strength the leave the house and live a normal-ish life. I'm still pretty tired all the time, but I'm slowly gaining it all back! And it's gonna be a busy weekend for me! PARKLUXE is this weekend (if you haven't been spammed by me already), and I think I narrowed down my outfit choice for the evening. 

Also, final little Paul plug here, Don't forget if you're in YYC, The Next Big Thing is just around the corner! Come and hear from some amazing speakers and get the inside scoop on social media! I'll be there speaking at the influencer panel just after 10! Come say hi! Click Here for tickets 

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