Lets do the easiest DIY ever.

It's probably my favorite DIY to do in the summer, and it's one that literally anyone can do. So, I'm gonna cut the chatter and we're gonna hop right into it. 
Earlier this summer, I purchased a pinstripe set from topshop, and I think I've maybe worn it once? It made it onto the blog, which you can see below or by clicking here
I've accumulated so much pinstripe within the last few months that I have completely pushed this set to the side. So to revamp it and bring it away from all the other pieces in my closet, we're gonna chop it down and turn it into a short set. 

To start it off, I always try on what I'm about to cut and do a very rough mark with chalk. After I make a straight line. I wouldn't bother doing it to the other side. It'll be easy enough to do later. 
I left them a little longer than I'd like because I want to add a cuff to the bottom to make it look less unfinished. 

Now after cutting off the leg, fold the pants and cut right along with the cut leg. It turns out pretty even, but since we're cuffing them that doesn't really matter. If there's any chalk residue left on the pants, you can wipe that off if you wanna keep the fringed look to the bottom of them. But if you're cuffing it, you don't really have to dispose of it. 

Next I like to put the shorts on, Start the cuff and pin when it's rolled exactly how you like it. After pinning, do a stitch on either side of the cuff and on the front and back. You don't have to do the front/back, but I like to just to keep things in place.

With the cuff is in place, pull out the iron and press down the cuffs to give them a nice finished and pressed look! 
VOILA you now have a pinstripe set to get you through the rest of summer! 


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