(Where you are, said She)

Blazer - Elizabeth and James, Knit tank top - Oak + Fort, Tank top - Ann Demeulemeester, 
Pants - Helmut Lang, Ankle Boots - United Nude 

Okay. I know. I'm in a tank top and it's weird as hell. But I couldn't resist getting my hands on the Ann Demeulemeester number cause I'm obsessed. It's pretty damn sheer so I know I'll never get the chance to really wear it on it's own, but I don't mind it layered up! 
I'm weirdly found myself sort of embracing summer. I've been mixing lighter fabrics a bit, but always sticking to my neutrals. We'll see where else the heat takes me. Maybe I'll finally Alter my J.W. Anderson pants so I can wear them before the temperature drops.