The Intimate Sessions: Hayden

 Out of all things to find difficult, traditional menswear seems to be my biggest struggle.
It sort of makes sense when you look at me. I'm anything but traditional. So, when I see someone that can take traditional menswear, spin it with street style and make it work, I'm instantly intrigued. Hayden is a prime example of that.

While rocking something I've wanted to pull off but absolutely can't: the denim tuxedo, I got the chance to photograph Hayden (Style Out Here) in all his street style glory.
I love getting the opportunity to almost pull people into my world when I photograph them. And I feel like I got the chance to do that here. With such a different addition of menswear to The Intimate Sessions, Hayden comes in as such a strong force. The perfect summer staple (in my opinion) is the perfect button-up. With that little bit of black and white popping though the lightly acid-washed denim and to tie it all together, we have the shoe-lace belt.

I'm so easily captivated by someone's personal style, and I find it so fascinating to observe just how they paired their outfits together. And I'm so happy when I get to connect with those people and photograph them. I've also decided it's time to delve into the people who I photograph. I've decided to start adding interviews into the Intimate Sessions!

Tell us a bit about yourself, and where we can find you online:
My name is Hayden Pattullo and I run the Style Out Here men’s life and style blog, which you can find at I am essentially a 24 year old with too many hobbies that just happen to intersect with style and design, namely writing, photography, networking, and styling.

What would you say was the defining moment that sparked your interest in fashion?
It’s hard to pick a singular moment! There was kind of a long period of my life that happened over the course of my undergraduate degree where I gradually got into it without even really consciously knowing, and then one day I just said to myself “whoah, I’m actually really into this now, maybe I should start a blog.” 
However, a couple of the most memorable and impactful moments were when I met Graeme Drummond and discovered his blog “We, the Timeless,” and when I saw a GQ article about wearing sneakers with suits. I think Graeme’s blog really showed me that even a fairly normal guy could run a cool fashion blog, as I had always pictured it as being limited solely to high class and high-fashion industry types. From there, the GQ article kind of randomly came up at the right time to show me how someone could subvert two types of relatively mainstream style into something totally unique, without having to spend tons of money or immediately go way out of my comfort zone. And that became kind of the essence of the message I try to spread now: using ordinary means to do something extraordinary.

Now that Men's Fashion month is coming to a close, what were some of your favorite collections?
To me looking at urban streetwear and its culture right now, the logical next step seems to be to move towards more of a punk influence (and therefore likely a British tone, as the birthplace of punk). A few of my favourite shows confirmed these suspicions, most namely Faith Connexion and DSquared2, and I loved how it turned out. The more formal-dress side of me also loved the Balenciaga show for the stunning experimentation in proportion and fit.

Who would you consider some of your biggest fashion influencers and inspirations in your life? Why?
Tough call. I relate largely to some people I’ve never met, such as Denny Balmeceda, A$Ap Rocky, and Nigo for their style experimentation and versatility. However, there are lots of amazing local guys who I (and probably a good number of men all over Canada and the world) owe my style to, such as Vincent Law, Paul Eli, and Spencer Badu, all who I’ve had the pleasure of meeting through my blog.

Men's fashion has been taking a massive turn in the last few seasons and with the recent topic of combining mens/womens shows into one, how do you think this will affect the men's fashion market? 
Admittedly, I’ve always held women’s fashion in a higher regard than men’s from my standpoint of individuality and experimentation. Women’s styles seem able to try (and pull off) just about anything, and as such they’re years ahead of guy’s fashion in almost every aspect. As such, I think combining men’s and women’s shows will be hugely beneficial in allowing men’s fashion to stop taking itself so overly seriously.

 What are your go-to fashion sources for inspiration on a daily basis? 
 On a daily basis, I find myself most invested in scrolling Instagram to look at all the local guys’ photos and outfits. I love bigger blogs and magazines like GQ, Complex, and others, but I think small local influencers are way more genuine and inspirational since they’re true to their own style and fully invested in that. Based on that, I think I would say the more I pay attention to our local street style and explore it, the more in awe I get. I think if we focus more on the diversity and uniqueness of small existing local influencers, we will be able to build our own fashion capitol instead of following what other cities are doing.

How do you feel about the lack of creatives in Calgary, and how do you feel about the increasing number of those moving away from the city? 
 I get mixed feelings about the relatively small number of creatives in Calgary because on one hand, I can stand out much more by being one of the only handful of guy’s fashion and lifestyle bloggers, however there are fewer people to inspire me and push me to better my own work. It’s also hard to see so many moving out of the city, but on the flip side, it means the few remaining influencers are that much more invested in our life and style culture here, and it means we can bond and connect that much easier.

Sidenote: I really enjoy writing, if anybody actually reads my whole oversized responses all the way through, they’ve got my eternal respect. 

Interested to read about what Hayden thinks about my summer looks? Well click here for a direct link to the collaboration article on Styled Out Here

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