Loewe in Paradise

Jacket - 3.1 PHILLIP LIM, Sweater - Loewe, Pants - Theory, Shoes - Zara

Kay so it's official. I'm dying. Kay like not actually but I've been plagued with Strep. 
It's probably my least favorite thing on this entire planet and I literally would rather die. But whatever. At this point, I'm just so happy for antibiotics and every kind of pain killer on this planet. Thank god for having photos at the ready so I could post and look like I'm alive when on the inside, I'm actually very dead. 
Anywho, My friend Kristina and I broke into this abandoned water park last week, and this was one of the looks we got to shoot there! We went into a truck and shot back there before heading to the main building on the property. 
I think it's safe to say that this was probably top 10 locations to shoot in for sure! Will we go back? Probably. 

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