Recreating my two favorite looks from Thom Browne's Resort 2016

Honestly, what isn't there to love about Thom Browne's resort 2017?!
It's such an amazing collection, and if you haven't looked through it yet, Click here to view! Cause holy dang is it ever flawless.
Even though resort season is extremely far from now, lets get an early start on it, but also let you wear some Thom Browne inspo right now!

Lets start with Look One.
With Thom Browne's price-point, we're looking pretty high, SO We're gonna try to keep this as low as possible, but sometimes a splurge every now and again isn't a bad thing (i need to stop)
So lets start with this coat from ASOS for $185.17CAD. It's a little bit shorter than what we were looking for, but you know, it works. Next up we have the pants! I found a PERFECT pair on Zara's website for $69.90CAD. And then it's onto the socks. Since they're my favorite, we're gonna stick with the American Apparel seedstitch socks in two different colours for $8.00CAD each! To add a bit of fun, I'm tossing in these Vivienne Westwood Brogues on ASOS for $411.48CAD
So all together, for look one we are sitting at $674.55!

Now onto look two.
Here we're starting out with a much more streamline/basic coat, instead of the one from the Thom Browne Lookbook. I found this one on Front Row Shop for $196.00CAD. Under we'll toss on this white blouse from TOPSHOP for $52.00CAD and this ASOS bow-tie for $22.63CAD. Now for the bottoms. I found these trousers on Zara's website for $49.90CAD, and again with the seedstitch socks from American Apparel. To finish it off, here's some TOPSHOP loafers for $132.00CAD
That brings us to a total of $468.62CAD

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