Lets talk good hair

There was a time when I was extremely nervous about doing anything to my hair.
I got so used to an everyday routine and was so afraid that I would look ridiculous with any haircut besides what I had. Then I chopped all my hair off, donated it, and rocked a pompadour for years. NOW I've kicked that and I've decided to rock what almost looks like a bowl cut, but like a cooler one?
It feels so good to play with my hair now, and I love giving people the opportunity to play with it too! I recently met the guys at Johnny's Barber + Shop, and I think I found my new hangout and "salon".  I don't necessarily feel like I'm cheating on my salon cause they're both owned by the same people. (So that's a plus!).
It was such a great atmosphere and I had a great time chatting with the guys (even though I'm socially challenged and always embarrass myself). And I got some great photos of my cut from one of the barbers, Stephen.
If you get the chance, you'll be in amazing hands with the people there, and tell them Paul sent you! Now go get an update on your hair!

Photos by Stephen, and hair by Michael.

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  1. Dope! I've heard that place is awesome. And you can drink while you get your haircut, right?!