A Guide to all of Paul's tattoos.

I never thought people would be so interested! I've had a few messages sent to me asking about all my tattoos! So lets talk about them!
Over the last few years I've added a TON of tattoos to my body, and I totally plan on adding more! The goal is to eventually have an arm full of line drawings and doodles, both thighs, and a few on my left arm done. Not too many on the left arm, but just a few more. So lets start off the list and talk about each tattoo!

"I NEVER LEARN" - Across right arm
This was my first "tattoo". I say "tattoo" because I literally did it in my basement with my friends Franca, Ewa, and Anna. We all tattooed each other and then had some wine. It was a lot of fun.
I decided to put "I Never Learn" across my arm because it's my favorite music artist's first album.
Growing up, I was a HUGE Lykke Li fan. Her albums seemed to really define my teen years and provided me with something that perfectly complimented the moments I was having in my teens. So when her final album came out called I Never Learn. I thought to myself, "how can I just shout her out forever?" So I tattooed it on myself in my bedroom with wine.

Coat hanger - Right side of right arm, above elbow
This was done in the same night. I thought "well the first one didn't hurt, lets do another!" And I thought a coat hanger would be an awesome addition to my arm.

"Sorry" - Inside of right arm

Honestly, I have no clue why I have "sorry" on my arm.... but it's there. And just to clear the air, it's been there before Justin Bieber's song, and before Beyonce's as well.

Pants - forearm 
This was my first "real" tattoo. My friend Alexa and I went for ramen, and after we were like, "fuck it, lets get tattoos". I was gonna get a folded button up, but she convinced me to do the pants. I modelled them after a pair of J.W.Anderson culottes (which I own and need to get altered), but got it as a line drawing to start my "cartoonish" sleeve.

Koko the Clown's Ghost - Side of forearm 
When I was younger, I was exposed to a lot of old-school cartoons and TV. I grew up on Charlie Chaplin and Betty Boop. So to celebrate that, I got my favorite character from my favorite episode. Betty Boop in Snow White (click it). So I decided to show some love to Cab Calaway and Betty Boop. So Koko the Clown's ghost went on my arm

Finger/hand tattoos x3 
I'm clumping these together because they really have no purpose. I have a cross, a square and a VERY faded out Umbrella.
They're kinda just there. No real reason. Just there haha

Smoking Lady with smoke kissing her forehead - Right Thigh
I saw this image online and fell in love. I HAD to put it on my body. Initially I wanted it on my arm, but I decided my thigh was the perfect spot instead. It was by far the most painful so far, and that's why I've put off getting it touched up for so long.

"REDRUM" - front of right ankle
Of course I had to reference one of my favorite films from one of my favorite directors!

Broken Arrow - top of right foot
Again, I don't know why I have it, but I do.

Tooth - Side of right ankle
This one is pretty pointless and random, but I did it on my best friend's kitchen table when she came back to visit calgary last summer. It was a fun little memory, and I broke the heart she had tattooed on the top of her foot. So many tattoos, so little time.

Random incomplete ones that we don't need to mention
Honestly, they're so small and so hidden that there's really no point in talking about them cause no one will ever see

Alexander McQueen Paint splatter dress - Middle of left arm 
This is probably my most special tattoo. Alexander McQueen got me interested in fashion, and started a MASSIVE passion of mine. I wanted to get the Alexander McQueen skull, which I will probably still do, but who knows where. So I got one of my favorite pieces along with an extremely iconic moment in his SS1999 collection.

I'm definitely adding more over the next few months. I think Oswald the Lucky Rabbit or Charlie Chaplin will be the next addition to my line drawings! We'll see! I'll have to update this list every six months

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