"Stay Golden"

Coat - Valentino, Button up - Oak + Fort, Pants - Custom Made - Bespoke By Butts - Shoes - Prada
Sunglasses - Nordstrom 

Okay, lamest title. But still. There was lots of gold so I had to. 
I'm trying so hard to really embrace this "heat" lately, and I'm really not doing too good at it. I was reorganizing my room recently (for reasons you may have seen on snapchat, but maybe I'll post about it here later) and literally everything I own is either a turtleneck or a turtleneck.... Any good ideas on where I should look to actually invest in a summer wardrobe? Cause I'm giving up. 

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  1. Haha, you "had" to…what else? Goldfinger? Golden Boy? All that glitters? Who knows. Also catching up on your posts is a lot easier now that I found out you have Bloglovin' so excuse me while I spam your posts with comments.