Recreate that SS16 runway look for less *Peace Sign Emoji*


Okay, lets start with the look on the left. I like the colours, but that doesn't mean we have to keep the colours. I like darker tones and all that jazz. So lets darken it up with this Navy button up from Zara for $50CAD instead of the Autumn Orange. Oh, and don't forget to size up! With the size up, it'll create an interesting level of a longer sleeve from the turtleneck coming out of the button up. (I've lowkey done this lots.) Next, lets move onto the turtleneck (obviously a fave). We're gonna layer under this turtleneck from ASOS for $44CAD. Now for the shorts. This can be a little tricky since Prada made them pretty dang short, but challenge accepted. Since we're all DIY wizards, lets use these Shorts from Zara for $50CAD and just whip out our sewing machine and give them a quick hem. Onto the socks! Easy pair: The American Apparel Seedstitch socks $8CAD . One in Dijon and one in Medium Grey but since we switched up the top, lets use the Navy ones.. Another DIY stop! Cut off the band at the top of the socks so they fall better and give that sock look above. And to finish it off, lets bring in a desert boot to give it a new feel with some laces. Like this Boot from Zara for $70CAD finishing off the entire look for $230CAD!!!

So we've totalled up Look 1, So lets go onto look 2. With the addition of the jacket, we're definitely looking at a bit more pricy, BUT we can also reuse our DIY socks and shorts, but this time, we're gonna pick up the Dijon seedstich socks from American Apparel for that $8CAD. Next we'll add a boatneck striped top under our button up. This one from Zara for $45CAD will be perfect. Now lets add our button up over top, again we're stopping at Zara for the long sleeve button up for $45CAD. Lets bring in our jacket. I found this number over at ASOS and I think it'll work perfectly for $292CAD. And to finish it off, we'll bring in these SALE chelsea boots from TOPMAN for $167CAD bringing us to a total of $565CAD for the entire look!

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