PARKSHOW round one. The Look.

Leather Jacket - Topman, Coat - Oak + Fort, Button up - Zara, Turtleneck - Oak + Fort, 
Pants - Oak + Fort, Boots - Topshop

PARKSHOW round 1 is officially over (and you should still be able to see it on snapchat: paulschneider)! So while I get ready for round two, here's what I wore for night one.
The initial plan was to wear a pai of J.W.Anderson pants I ordered online, but sadly their arrival was getting me worried so I pushed them back to night two. 
I was scoping out Front Row Shop, and saw a leather jacket with silver doodles and writing all over it. So I thought that could work really well! I found my old TOPMAN leather jacket, and got some Leather stickers from Nordstrom, then a co-worker of mine let me borrow a Silver Sharpie to draw all over the jacket. 
It weirdly turned out A LOT better than I had anticipated, and I'm so happy with it! 

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  1. You killed it! Love the customized leather. We should have a blogger diy day and make all sorts of crazy crap ;)