I really like pinstripe, okay?!

Pinstripe Set - TOPSHOP, Leather Jacket - 3.1 Phillip Lim, Sweater - LOEWE, 
Turtleneck - Oak + Fort, boots - TOPSHOP

There was a time in my life where all I wanted was a pinstripe suit. But of course being my size, the struggle was VERY real. Fast forward a few years and I decide to stumble into topshop on the hunt for some frayed denim (yes, I did just say denim). Of course I couldn't find the pants I was hunting for (but you can see them on my friend Katie Here, which I then later found out they were DIY so sorry to the staff I asked about then gave a dissatisfied look when you didn't have them. love you) BUT I did happen to find this pinstripe set and I DIED. It didn't hurt that it had marked down so it was practically free and begging for me to buy it. Though I should've held off on the pants because I'm DEFINITELY too small for them, but whatever. It's worth it. 
Anyway. Enough of my story! I'm really happy with the set and I'm so excited to experiment with it as the spring season continues! Expect it to make one more appearance maybe? I'm thinking it might be fun for PARKSHOW cause we can't forget how soon it is!! Do you have your tickets yet??  

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