Eight Instagram accounts I follow that YOU should follow

Personally, I find it an absolute struggle to find new people to follow on instagram. Recently, I've been exploring hashtags and checking out who has been following me to hunt down some new accounts. I tried the explore page, but honestly, it just made me question who I follow and what kind of photos they like.... PG people. It's all I'm gonna say. 
Anywho, if you're having the same struggle, I'm here to help! Here are eight people I follow and am obsessed with, and you should be too: 

First on the list, we have Antwerp resident Jan Van Eldere. I gotta say, one of my favorite instagrams I follow at the moment. Such amazing style, and of course you know how obsessed I am with neutral themes, and Jan embodies that sooo well. Not only is his instagram/style/everything awesome, he also has a great snapchat (same username: Jan_weekly)!
Click Here to see his instagram!

Okay, a recent discovery, with a mutual follow.
So happy I ended up seeing her follow in my notifications and clicking back. I love her style, theme and am so jealous of her back and forth LAX/YYC travelling. (It's been so long *crying emoji*). Anywho, she's more than worth clicking that follow button, but I doubt you really need me to tell you that. Brenda, if you're reading this, get some LA KBBQ in Koreatown for me.
Click Here for her instagram!

The ultimate beard goals... and honestly we all need a little #Beardspiration in our instagram feeds. Boy or girl. It's just a great thing to have in the feed. It's no surprise Joey is the founder of the Beard Fraternity. And believe me, if my attempt at facial hair was more this and less "I'm 14 and I sit in my mother's basement playing COD and eating twinkies, also what is a razor?" then I would definitely be attempting to grow one as good as Joey's/applying for membership to the fraternity. Hopefully one day we can get Joey added to the Intimate Sessions page on the blog, cause he'd be awesome to shoot!
Click here for more Joey

One of my good friends, and someone with an amazingly curated instagram. I'm pretty much counting them together, but under one. Wayne and Karsten are my fave couple, and I love working with them cause they take amazing photos. The saturation and the all white backgrounds are just too good. You can actually see Karsten/Wayne in the Intimate Sessions, and they're linked! Just click a name.
You can also click here for Wayne's instagram.

One of my favorite accounts!
So happy to have had the chance to shoot with Garrett when he stopped back in Calgary over the holiday season. His perfectly curated instagram is insanely beautiful, and it's no wonder he's been on the suggested user list. Beyond worth that follow.
Click here for Garrett's instagram.

One of my favorite online shops run by my dear friend Alyssa. The instagram has perfectly shot editorials, localist features, clothes and more clothes. It's amazing. And the product is something you can really feel good about buying. Beyond worth the follow, and beyond worth a purchase or two.
Click here for New Classics.

It's shocking how much of my inspiration comes from this man. Pelayo Diaz of Kate Loves Me is literally my #1 everything. His style is flawless, his tattoos are flawless, his everything is flawless. (I always get told that I use the word flawless too much but idgaf) He's pretty much the whole package. And his instagram on top of all the flawlessness is also flawless.
So click here to follow.

And to finish off our list, we have Justin Livingston from Scout Sixteen.
Very recently added to my following list, and I'm kicking myself for not clicking that button sooner. Beautifully shot portraits and landscape shots flood his feed, and it's amazing. Also the travelling. We all wish we could travel like this! And not to mention, he also has a great snapchat! (justinliv1)
Click here for more!

So that wraps us up! i may have to do another list after, cause it was so hard to just settle on eight! Lemme know if there's anyone I should be following, and if you follow any of the people listed above. If not, lemme know if you start!