Don't forget to never sit in White

Scarf - Coach 1941, Polo top - Oak + Fort, Pants - Helmut Lang, Shoes - Joe's

Okay, real tak right here. I love these pants so much (not just because Ruby Rose has them too... I genuinely love them) BUT every time I've shoot in them, they cut my legs extremely weird. In my personal opinion, I find that they widen and chop my legs, making them look shorter and MUCH wider. But it's honestly a hiccup I'm not ashamed of. Yes it's possible to re-touch this image and make you all think I'm 6'1" and a toothpick, and that these pants do wonders for my legs, but why? I'd rather show the reality of how these clothes ACTUALLY make me look. Yes it's easy to cheat it with angles and levels, but that's completely different than me photoshopping my legs and showing these pants as a completely different piece from how they actually fit. I'm embracing my stubby legs in this look, and I don't think anyone should ever feel the need to photoshop themselves "pretty". Rock what flaws pop up, cause you wouldn't be you without them.
This PSA has been brought to you by Paul Schneider @ The Youth Novels. Approved for all. Merci. 

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