What's considered a transitional piece?

Sunglasses - Zara, Leather Jacket - 3.1 Phillip Lim, Vest - Elizabeth + James, 
Sleeveless top - Oak + Fort, Turtleneck - Oak + Fort, Pants - Oliva Palermo for Chelsea 28, 
Boots - Topshop

I actually really hate this time of year. I find the transition to fall SO much easier than the transition to spring. Like what the hell do you wear when you're trying to dress for spring but nothing is light enough and then it's cold so you layer up but then it looks super winter?? I'm losing my mind. 
Though luckily I've managed to snag a few pieces that have been great for transitioning. Like this Oak + Fort sleeveless top! I saw it on their instagram and just had to have it! And I'm really excited to get to play with it when it gets even warmer out. Less layers? maybe show off all my horribly done tattoos that no one ever sees? Who knows! 

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