Style Inspirations.

It's always been a common question I get asked, but for some reason I don't think I've actually listed it out for everyone. So today I've decided to take you all through my biggest inspirations. These are the select few I migrate towards when I need a little push to fig into my closet or rummage through the stores. So here's a list of the top picks on my inspiration list! Scroll through, and hopefully these amazingly talented individuals can inspire you as much as they inspire me!

Pelayo Diaz -
Not only does Pelayo inspire me fashion-wise, but his tattoos give me extreme desire. Not only am i obsessed with the artistic direction he chose to go with them, the use of certain colours are just too good to ignore. 
Anywho, back to clothing. Minus the denim, I think it's pretty easy to see the similarities between him and I. The mixture of high/low, the colour-scheme (though he does wear a lot more colour) and overall shape of an outfit as well. Pelayo has been a huge influential force in my life, and I only wish I could understand his TV show/had the channel. 

Lisa Dengler -
What I love about Lisa's style is that I personally find a mixture between casual and easy wear mixed with high fashion pieces. She has such a subtle way of toning insane and statement items, and makes them suited for ever day wear. I.E the lace top she's wearing above. I take the simplicity from her, and that mixture she effortlessly masters. She's definitely one to watch, and I'm almost certain she was on the opposite side of the runway from me at the Diesel Black Gold show during NYFW SS16.
Lisa if you're reading this and saw a boy in a tan suit with shorts and slicked back hair, sup. That was me.

Adam Gallagher -
I know this one can seem a little off since our styles are completely different, But I have to admit, I have such an obsession with Adam Gallagher. Honestly I don't know what it is, but I've been following this guy since his days. I think he was nineteen? Maybe twenty?
Not only is he impeccably dressed and well travelled. He's so dang attractive (insert monkey covering mouth emoji). We all know it's true.

Jonathan Anderson - J.W.Anderson/Loewe 
Though Jonathan isn't an influencer or blogger, he's still a MASSIVE influential force in my life. J.W.Anderson is by far my favorite brand right now, and the pieces I've invested in are top picks in my closet. I love how he doesn't design for the "average" man, and carries a fluidity between both the men's and women's lines. And he's wearing one of my favorite pieces from J.W.Anderson men's in the photo above (can we talk about the landscape sweaters for a second?! I die)

Leandra Medine -
This one is oh so dear and near to my heart mainly because I like to consider myself the male version of Man Repeller. If you look at my outfits and if you know me, you know how zany, sarcastic and dry my personality is (I know I always look serious, but I promise, I'm a mess), I pretty much repel men. Just like the name of Leandra's blog! I am the male Man Repeller! But in all seriousness, her style is insanely impeccable. If I could pull off half the stuff she pulls off, I would do it 100%.
I've noticed myself getting more and more open with my own style recently, and I think a lot of that has to do with this beautiful woman. Her over-all acceptance of herself as a "man repeller" just speaks to me on so many levels, that it's made me completely comfortable and confident in who I am. So, thank you Leandra Medine. Thank you.

Marcel Floruss -
Again, super different styles, but I gotta give some love to a fellow german!
I've been following Marcel for a while now too, and have always loved his style. It's relax, it's formal, and it's in between. The shoe game is always strong, and I gotta admit, I was so close to growing my hair out long when he had his. But since I look about six years younger than I actually am, I decided to skip out on the "Paulette" appearance.

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