Spring colour-scheme

 Sweater - Fabiana Fillippi, Pants - Brunello Cucinelli, Shoes - Prada

What I find absolutely hilarious about this location is that you can finally tell how tiny I am compared to the rest of the world. At a massive 5'5", I have to chuckle at how it would take about ten of me to reach the roof of this location. 
Anywho, lets talk spring/summer. I suck at it, you probably suck at it, everyone sucks at it. The lack of layers, the overheating, the humidity (if you don't live in calgary) etc etc. I for one hate summer because I can't wear my favorite colour without wanting to die: black. 
So this year, I have my alternative! Grey! and lots of it. Grey shoes, grey pants, grey tops. Literally all grey. #JoinTheMovement

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