RIP Lee.

Coat - Zara, Bag - Oak + Fort, Scarf - Alexander McQueen, Button up - J.W.Anderson, 
Pants - Brunello Cucinelli, Shoes - Topshop

Even though we're definitely passed the day, this was shot on the day Lee Alexander McQueen committed suicide.
I pretty much consider this a day of mourning every year since McQueen was such a huge influence in my life and getting me into the world of fashion. I never really thought I would like fashion or consider it a career path. But that all changed the day I saw The Horn of Plenty collection. I was wowed at how not only were the looks fashionable but they were pure art. 
That crossover of fashion and art drove me into this spiral of watching every video on McQueen, looking at every collection and taking extreme inspiration from his artistic genius. I spent an entire weekend reading up on him and studying him. 
When he passed I couldn't even believe it. I sat on my bed in awe, checked my bank account, and got my mom to drive me to Holt Renfrew to purchase my very first McQueen scarf. 
It was my first piece of designer, and my leap into this whirlwind world that I just keep falling deeper into. 
So, on February 11th, I give thanks to my biggest inspiration. RIP Lee McQueen.