aaaaand the worst of NYCFW FW16

I honestly can't believe I'm saying this, (well actually I can) but in my opinion, Alexander Wang absolutely butchered FW16.
I wish I could stick behind one of my favorites, but if I'm going to be 100% honest, Alexander hasn't done a strong collection since FW14. I was such a massive fan! I invested lots into his line and lower line, but now I see myself walking passed his product, and after this show, I can assure you, I'll also be avoiding his collection shows.
There were elements of the show that I actually did like though! The jab at women's standards with the "STRICT" tights cutting at the "preferred" length of women's skirts, while they all came shorter than the approved level. And the jab at women's nudity standards with "STRICT" forming a censor across a braless chest.
I thought the blunt call-out at women's standards and society's preferred norms was great and an amazing topic to address, but the rest of the collection just fell extremely short.
The pot leaf jackets, and the "Internet kid" aesthetic in the show just seems so overdone, and I'm more than ready for this fad to die.
So in conclusion, Mr. Wang, please stop this and come back to the amazing collections you released when you first came on the scene! Don't let T by Alexander Wang become better than your main line!

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