Top 15 MENSWEAR Shows of 2015

Welcoming in 2016 with a HUGE run of all my TOP 15's of 2015! Starting off that list is my top 15 menswear shows! Before we get started, let me just say this is in no particular order. I love all these shows, this is just how the list turned out! After the scroll, lemme know if you agree/disagree with my list! What were your top 15 menswear shows from 2015? Lets talk! 

I think it's safe to say, ACNE is in my top 10 designers. Obsessing over the colours (Shocking) and the cuts in this collection. I started off 2015 with such a fear of wide leg/long pants, and I'm so happy I overcame that! And it's safe to say ACNE didn't share my fear. Not only are the pants/shorts amazing, but can we talk about that Greyish blue coat? Love. 

Though I have a huge love for the women's line, I have to say the men's almost beats it! I love everything from this collection. from the white stripe to the fur collars. Though I wish I personally had the courage to wear a very low buttoned top.... maybe 2016 will be the year? who knows. 

#13 - LOEWE
Oh Jonathan Anderson. Everything he does is perfect. And LOEWE SS16 is just that. From the campaign photos to the cuffed pants. This collection is absolutely flawless. Thank you Jonathan Anderson, Thank you. 

#12 - GUCCI
Androgyny done so well! Obsessed with the secretary blouses on the models, and trust me, I've definitely mimicked it. Gucci really took a place in my heart this year with absolutely perfect collection in both men's and women's. But personally, I think men's stood out even more for me. (Prime example below) 

#11 - 3.1 PHILLIP LIM
Phillip Lim has got to be one of my favorites. My collection just keeps growing and I can't stop! and FW15 just makes me wanna add even more! I find that a lot of people seem to really fear his stuff on a hanger, but the moment they actually put it on, they fall in love (I know I do). His runway shows are the best way to view the amazing pieces on a body and prepare yourself for what you'll get to try in a couple seasons. Check out the entire show below, it's so worth it. 

One of the most underrated brands on the list. Undercover deserves so much more recognition than it gets because this line is AMAZING. Semi heartbroken their Star Wars collection was SS16, so it couldn't make the list, BUT I'll just have to do a TOP 16 to give undercover some star wars love

I'm just as shocked as you, don't worry. 
I've never been a burberry fan, and I don't think I'd even consider myself one now, but DAMN this collection was good! I've been dying to even touch the green shawl shown below. And I think this summer I'll have to rock a suit with nothing on under. Show some skin for the first time. 

Oh Alber, why'd you have to go? I don't know what Lanvin will do without you! This brand continues to grow on me with each collection, and SS15 gave me some extreme inspirations. I even invested in t-shirts because of this collection! 

One of my all time favorites! Though the majority of the collection features the clear tops with texts, it's still such an artistic triumph overall. And those pants! 

The perfect Summer outfit inspiration! And that front zipper turtleneck! 

Okay. You all knew this was gonna come up sooner or later. And I just have two words for you: LANDSCAPE SWEATERS

This is one designer I've been dying to get my hands on! such an amazing mens collection! the geometric print, and the outfits of full print are flawless! And the way the lookbook was shot is so perfectly! 

All I can really say to Mr. Wang is THANK YOU for leaving Balenciaga. As much as I love this FW15 collection, It makes me even more excited to see just how good Alexander Wang is gonna be now that he's finally going to be putting full effort into his own line again! 

#2 - A.P.C.
You're probably wondering why A.P.C. is on this list. It's not really my style, but I can appreciate their stuff so much! And the models in this collection don't hurt either.... 

Yes. I know. Jonathan anderson pops up on this list 3 times. But I had to! This collection has got to be my favorite of 2015. Men's and women's combined. The leather coats, the collars and all the fine details make this collection beyond perfect. And can we talk about the finale coat? 

So there you have it! my TOP 15 menswear collections of 2015! Agree with the list? Or who would you rather see in it? Feel free to start the conversation below! 

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