The perfect men's bag

It's an item I definitely need to put more investment in, because I sure as hell don't use one as much as I used to. The perfect hand accessory: a bag. 
I get it, you're probably thinking "why do I need a bag? I doubt I'll use it" but trust me, the moment you have one, you'll never want to put it down. Lately I've found myself overfilling my pockets with junk. I always have chap-stick, headphones, my wallet, a pack of cigarettes, a cellphone, sunglasses, change, and old transit tickets shoved in my pockets, making me bubble at the hips which I personally find to be the absolute worst. So, not only am I helping you out by listing a few of my favorites from some of my favorite designers, I'm also secretly helping myself narrow down my search for that perfect bag. 
Don't worry ladies, if you're reading this, your list is on it's way too!

 We're gonna start off the list with this super simple Marsell messenger bag. I am a HUGE fan of a good messenger and it's beyond easy to lug around with you. Just toss it over the shoulder and away you go. The minimal design provides a super clean and easy look and allows you to pair this with literally everything. When looking for a bag, I definitely prefer to go for black or a basic neutral. I like things to be versatile, especially when it comes to something that you'll be using daily. So don't fear simplicity. In the end, it'll be your best friend.
Marsell Messenger bag - $1550CAD/$1097USD
Now this is something I've wanted for a long time: a Leather Backpack. This Want Les Essentiels de le Vie Leather Backpack is the perfect example of stepping a little bit out of that neutral/basic vibe, but still keeping that universal look to it. The shape and colour are perfect for everyday use, but you get an added twist to it with the front pocket's angle cut. It takes the backpack from "simple leather backpack" to "a backpack with more". And as against logos as I am, I LOVE the tiny gold label on the front.
Want Les Essientiels de le Vie Leather Backpack: $1095CAD/$775USD
 Now lets get back to the basics with this 3.1 Phillip Lim Canvas Tote. I love a good tote bag, especially when I'm not opposed to a bag without a shoulder strap. It can have some feminine vibes to it, but I almost kind of prefer that. I like that mix of masculine and feminine and breaking that wall, so a hand-held tote is something that really appeals to me. (c'mon men, live a little) I also love a good canvas on occasion, and I love that Phillip Lim gave it a really nice switch up, and I love the leather flap as well!
3.1 Phillip Lim Canvas Honor Tote: $1070CAD/$757USD
 Now this shocks me. Since when was I a Burberry fan?! But I have to admit, this Burberry London Canvas Backpack is just too good to not have on the list. It's a step away from the all black theme I have going on for this list, but it's still just as versatile as the blacks! With the gold detailing and black leather straps, it creates such a crisp and clean look to the backpack!
Burberry London Navy Canvas Brookedale Backpack: $1495CAD/$1058USD
Last, and definitely my favorite comes from Fendi. I have to give it to Karl, he needs to just drop Chanel and stick to Fendi because it's just so much better. Prime example: this Fendi Shearling Logo Tote. It's simplistic but it also brings a really great extreme with the FENDI multicolour shearling logo right across. I know I said I wasn't a big fan of logos, but for some reason I am more than okay with Fendi plastering it right across everything! It's the perfect leather tote in my opinion.
Fendi Black & Multicolour Shearling Logo Tote: $1630CAD/$1153USD

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