The "Art" of FLATLAYS

It's the ultimate secret weapon. Don't have a photo of your most recent look to post? Well why not take something you've received or purchased and post about it as a filler?! I personally love to use flatlays as a filler or a break up on my instagram. I find it'll help if my photos start to clutter on my feed. So I break it up by tossing in a minimal styled photo of product or a product placed on my body in some sort of way!

There are a few things I think make a flatlay set-up perfect.
1. Good Lighting, 2. a blank canvas, 3. the statement product, 4. the perfect editing app, and 5. colour-scheme.

First, lets talk about Good Lighting:
Whenever I'm setting up a flatlay, I 100% prefer to use natural lighting. Sadly I don't have access to a studio to constantly have perfect lighting at all times, SO I use my living room. There's two massive windows that bring in so much natural light, and it's become my signature flatlay spot!

Second, we have the Blank Canvas:
Some bloggers have mastered the art of using floors, nature, etc as the perfect flatlay background. I'm personally not about that life. Though I have some interesting ideas coming in the summer, but that's besides the point.
My secret (well not extremely secret) weapon to flatlay backgrounds is poster paper. It's the perfect background. I stocked up on a ton of white sheets, black, and a few different pastel colours as well. With one, I drew on a grid pattern to give an interesting layer for stacking different sheets of poster paper together. It's a simple clean up, easy to store, and you can doodle all over them as much as you want!

Now that you have the lighting and the canvas, it's time to bring in The Statement Product:
There's a lot of different things you can feature in a flatlay from clothing, shoes, books, accessories and so much more! I like to keep the clutter to a minimum and focus on 1-3 products per flatlay. As photographed above, you can see the simplicity in mine. I prefer to use something new, so you have that crisp and clean look to them. But if you're using something that's a little lived in, make sure you clean it up, and get it photo ready.

The photo's been taken, and now it needs a good touch up. This is where the Perfect Editing App comes into play:
I personally use VSCO cam for all my photo editing when it's on my phone. I stick to very minimal editing. Adjusting the exposure, contrast, sharpening and temperature is about all I'll do. But since the natural lighting was used, it makes things so much easier to get posted.

Though it should've popped up sooner, it's probably the most important. The Colour-Scheme:
To give a good example of the colour-scheme, look through your instagram. I've attached a photo of my current feed to help give a good idea as to how you should consider colouring your flatlay.
My theme is extremely neutral. focusing mainly on black/white/grey photos. So obviously, to keep that flow, I stick to a much more neutral flatlay set up. Always sticking with the same colours used throughout my instagram. Sticking with an over scheme and consistency brings such a clean look to the overall feed, which I am a huge fan of.

Well, lets hope my flatlay tips have helped you really think about your next flatlay choices! Tag me on instagram in any of your flatlays that used my little guide! I'd love to see what you come up with!!

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  1. Thanks for the handy guide on flatlays. I'm workin on stepping up my instagram game. really liked using vsco app up until i found the faded app which i strongly recommend
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