Hat - Brixton, Coat - Club Monaco, Button up - H&M, Pants - Oak + Fort, Shoes - Zara

It seems so weird to be standing on the school grounds of my elementary school again. So many hilarious memories took place in this school... and a lot of bad outfits. 
I remember one summer afternoon, on our lunch break. A few friends and I came up with a police service in the school called "The Lipstick Police". We would give tickets to the kids we didn't like for being "Ugly" or "Stupid" and it eventually caused a group of guys to create their own police service, that was bent on taking down the "The Lipstick Police". 
After a lunch hour of ticketing each other for stupid reasons, we all got called into the office, sat down and discussed why what we were doing was wrong and had to spend the rest of the week's lunch hours in the office. 
Lesson: Don't form The Lipstick Police.

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