"W I L D"

Coat - Oak + Fort, Bomber - TOPMAN, Busston up - H&M, Sleeveless Sweater - Oak + Fort, 
Pants - Topshop, Shoes - Camper 

"I Think to a certain extent, we all grew up in a Blue Neighbourhood" 
Defined by Troye Sivan, a blue neighbourhood is the place you grew up. the memories of your childhood, your old friends, and your family. I felt so inspired by that, that it made me create my own series with the same theme: Stories from my Blue Neighbourhood. 
Each look in the three part series accompanies one of the trilogy songs from Troye's Blue Neighbourhood Video Series. You can watch mine here

I think One of my fondest memories in my neighbourhood was all the fun we used to have around this time of year. Halloween was coming up close, and of course I was so excited to dress up! Every year my dad would help me decide on a costume, and normally it was something a little too old for me. Chucky, Freddy Krueger, Dr. Evil + Mini Me, my dad would always come up with these costume ideas that made the other parents question if I could really handle who I'm dressed up as. After finally deciding on who to be (Obviously went with Chucky), We took off down the street to stop for candy. Now there's one house on the street that always had the best Halloween set up when I was a kid. Of course I had already been introduced to the man that made Halloween horrifying: Michael Myers. And of course this house on the corner loved to bring him to life on October 31st. I was so determined to get to the door and get candy, but the moment I pranced towards the front steps, a man who appeared to be at least 6'7" (Mind you I was probably 4'3") cut in front of me, wearing that William Shatner mask. I don't think Chucky has ever booked it so fast in his life. And to this day, every time I walk passed hat house, I think of a tiny little Chucky, running as fast as he could to escape Michael Myers.