While spending countless hours scrolling through my tumblr dashboard, hoping to find something to catch my eye and spark something, I came across a photo. It was from an editorial of an unknown magazine, and featured to stunning girls in all black, wearing patterned wide-brim hats. I though the photo was so intriguing and knew I had to do something inspired by it!
After picking at my brain, thinking of how I could manage it, I decided "Why not hit up the most photogenic couple I know?!" and That's where Karsten and Wayne came in.
I knew they'd be excited and anxious to do it, and I knew the photos would turn out amazing, and boy was I right! This is definitely my favorite batch of photos I've shot for my "Street Style" section! I'm beyond excited for the next time I work with these two!
Interested in following them? Click Here for Karsten's instagram and Here for Wayne's!

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