Of course the moment the Dior Homme SS15 collection debuted, I was obsessed! Of course I had to have a piece from the collection (or hunt for a knock-off... yes, there is shame in writing that). So I decided to take a different route, knowing that I'd never be able to afford one of the amazing pieces. I rummaged through my closet and pulled an old pair of TOPSHOP Moto Mom jeans and an old button up from Zara. I quickly went over to the nearest craft shop and picked up some acrylic paints and a skinny brush. 

After picking through the colors, I mixed the red/white, green/white, blue/white to get some lighter pastel shades like they used above in the runway photo. Then i just started going through and adding in zigzags of each color. Starting with one and continuously layering over! 

And there you have it! DIY Dior (DI.OR.Y)
If you're interested in doing the scribble on denim, be prepared to use a lot more paint. It takes a few more coats on top of each scribble to get it to show nicely. Especially with the yellow. Though it works amazingly well for the white and the lighter colors mixed with white. Also layering over the colors as much as you can turns out really nice on the jeans! I'll definitely have a look coming within the next little while featuring my Dior DIY items!
Obviously play around with it. I'm not some DIY guru so chances are it'll turn out much better than mine! I have faith in all of you! xx

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