Now that November is nearly half way over, the Christmas season is in full swing! Mall's have their holiday displays going up, the crowds are swarming for the best christmas gifts and every retail employee is getting a little taste of hell. 
With Christmas (and my birthday) right around the corner, I've decided to give you guys my Birthday/Christmas wishlist! It's a tad ambitious, but why not go for the extremes? It makes for an interesting turnout. Lets hope my list gives you a few ideas of things to add to your christmas list, or find that special item for that special someone in your life. 
All the items have been pulled from Luxury Canadian site Lets jump into it! 
So of course, the only way to start off this list is with a few pieces from one of my favorite designers. Alexander Wang is such a huge style influence on me, and I am beyond guilty of blasting the runway soundtracks as I walk around the city. (It's really empowering. try it.) Starting off with my most recent addiction: Pinstripe. It's so classic and looks so sleek. Definitely a favorite and a perfect winter staple that I think everyone needs to add to their closet ASAP. 
Coming in second is an item I've been DYING for ever since I saw it. J.W.Anderson's Couple T-shirt. It's been on my list for so long, and I NEED to somehow get it into my closet. 
Just to add more to my J.W. Anderson obsession, I had to add the Bucket Bag. The runway collection was absolutely stunning, and the bucket bag stuck in my head ever since I saw it. Though I've always been more of a satchel kinda guy, the bucket bag is the one exception. 
Okay, I'm really reaching for the stars with this last one, but I couldn't resist. Saint Laurent's been really influencing my recently, especially with their SS15 collection, so while going through their FW14, I came across these beauties, and knew that I needed to have them. So to end off my birthday/christmas list, I've decided to throw those beauties on here!

Hopefully you've gotten a few ideas for your own christmas lists, and hopefully they don't hurt your wallet too much! Check out for all your luxury brand christmas needs, and Happy Holidays! Hope you all spend lots of time with loved ones and have a ton of holiday fun! Much love! 

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