Suit - Topman, Coat - Topman, Scarf - Topman, Shoes - Alexander Wang

Stressful days! There's been so much happening lately! I can't believe how busy and overwhelmed I've become. Had to overcome some extreme hardships recently, but I'm ready for what the future has in store! And on top of all that, it's my favorite season! Fall has fallen into our laps in Calgary, and I couldn't be more excited. I recently stopped up in TOPMAN to check out what new suits have made their way onto the shelves, and died when I found my size in this one! Of course I had to pick up a nice coat and scarf to match with it! 
I'm extremely fortunate to have TOPMAN here. It's the only men's clothing store that I don't have to alter the crap out of. I'm so excited to stock up on more fall and winter items as they hit the shelves so stay tuned! 

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