Hat - USED House Of Vintage, Jacket - California Select Vintage, Button up - TOPMAN, 
Pants - OAK + Fort, Shoes - Camper - Gravity Pope

I'm back!! Sorry about the little hiatus there, things have been so busy lately! So much going on at the moment! 
Decided it's time I say goodbye to the "READ MORE" button, and hello full posts! AAAAND my online store is officially open!! You can now shop the clothes I no longer wear with shipping to Canada and the US! So excited to let you guys shop my closet and wear some of the clothes that have appeared on The Youth Novels. Just click that "shop my closet" link on your right and happy shopping! I'll be adding some new items this week, so look out for those! I'm thinking some metallic oxfords and maybe a nice satchel? 

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