Murder House, Asylum, Coven and now Freak Show. American Horror Story has become one of my most beloved TV Mini-series, and I'm so excited for it's triumphant return to FX, October 8th. Murder House made you nervous to go into your basement, Asylum made all your worst fears a reality, and Coven inspired fashion lovers to embrace black more than they already do. With all that being said, the next few weeks are all about American Horror Story. Yes, I'll still have the regular looks coming up, but one of those will be inspired by a season of AHS.
We're starting it off with Murder House. The location couldn't have been more perfect. Walking inside this abandoned house along the highway was enough to make your skin crawl. The furniture trashed, the floors ripped apart and the wallpaper peeling. Birds flew around us as we made our way through the broken building. I was the only one willing to go into the basement, and the moment I made it down those steps, I regretted my decision.
I decided to throw it back to make my outfit suit the location, and make me seem as if I was already trapped behind the walls of Murder House.
Now it's off to Location Hunting for Asylum, and stocking up on more black for Coven!
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