It's almost here! Fall is so close, so why not dive into my top picks for fall footwear from SOLESTRUCK! They've been a favorite shoe site of mine for a long time, and I can't wait to take advantage of their fall footwear! So let's start shopping!

First on the list: The Marja 308's by Vegabond
These are in my shopping cart for this friday! I'm obsessed and I need a new pair of boots (not really, but I'm gonna keep telling myself that cause look at them). Of course the heel is a huge plus for me, being stuck at 5'5", you kinda gotta cheat it as much as you possibly can. Interested in grabbing a pair for yourself? Click the ad on your right, or right above for a direct link to the pair! 

I'm a huge sucker for Loafers, so of course number two on the list would be Erma by TBA
I snagged a pair of marron loafers in a similar style from Zara last season, but I've noticed that their loafers aren't as structured as they should be, so of course it's time to move on to TBA's all black pair! The perfect simple shoe with a little more to complete that monochrome black outfit. Definitely adding these to the shopping cart as well. 

We're still not done with loafers! Number three is Buckled in by Irregular Choice
The exaggerated top on these shoes sold me. I love that look so much. I had been looking for a pair like this for a while, but of course never thought to look on Soletruck until now! Super happy that I was able find them! I just think of the PRADA shoes from a few seasons ago. I was OBSESSED

Okay, It's safe to say that I just really need more loafers with number five, Dora by Senso
The copper toe and back sold me on this shoe (along with the sole) I had an all white pair of loafers in a similar cut by JC, but I noticed that the front had bent too much that my foot would just slide out. After dealing with that' I've realized that it's more than wise to purchase loafers in a size smaller so they're more snug. Gonna have to do that with these ones cause they're too good to run that risk.

The perfect pre-fall shoe for my final pick! Casey by Emma Go
I love cut outs so much. It's the one thing I regret not getting more of this summer. I just couldn't break out of boots. These are so perfect for any outfit. I love how they have so much going on, but so little at the same time. The metallic front is a huge plus for me as well. I will always love metallics on shoes, and I really wish I could just wear my Joes metallic oxfords more cause they're so worth it and these shoes make me want to wear them so much more!

Well I hope this helped you all get excited for fall cause I know I'm ready for it! Don't forget to stop on over to SOLESTRUCK and check out their amazing New Arrivals!! Happy Shopping xx

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