Such an amazing evening, welcoming the newest Hedkandi location to calgary! With a perfect location, just a few blocks off of 17th ave, Hedkandi offers an extremely fun and welcoming experience for all their clients!
The night started with my friend Mel and I making our way down to the new location for a pre-event cut and tune up! I had my hair cut by the ever so lovely Tessa (Photographed above)! She was so wonderful, and I'd recommend going to see her in a heartbeat! So much fun!
After our trims, we mingled around a bit, and discovered the free wine (um, of course we had to take advantage!) Tim Hendrickson from Wine Ink, located on 17th ave, paired the perfect wine with out Tubbydog hotdogs! It was a perfect pairing! Both Wine Ink and Tubbydog supplied such amazing drinks and snacks, and we were tipped on the most amazing tubbydog tip: Flip the hot dog over so the toppings are inside the bun... best idea ever (Thanks so much!)
Overall the night was a blast! I'm so happy that I had the opportunity to attend such a fun night! Looking forward to my next Hedkandi experience! Check out their website for a discount on your first time at any hedkandi location! And don't forget to tell them I said hi!

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