Grave Robber

Sweater - Urban Outfitters, Button up - Topman, Pants - Noul, Socks - American Apparel, 
Shoes - Alexander wang

Took shooting to a whole new location today! We were struggling to find something different or an area that had an amazing background. Eventually the idea was joked about a graveyard... minutes later we were on our way to see what we could find. The location provided such a dark background, but the weather made it seem so much lighter. I'm really happy we made the decision to go out and shoot there. Also, fellow alberta blogger Alyssa Lau of posted a monochromatic look in a pair of pants I fell in love with instantly! They're from a Canadian store called "Noul". I'm obsessed! I ordered the pants and think I might order another. They're super comfortable and fit just how I wanted them to! Give them a look through 

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