The 86th Annual Academy Awards!

Oh Ellen, I had so much faith in you, and you did not disappoint! Your opening Monologue was absolutely perfect! and poor Jennifer! She took a bit of a hounding over her multiple oscar falls.
I think they should just give the hosting job to Ellen every year at this point. No one else seems to work out... Anne Hathaway.... James Franco... That guy from Family Guy

"And now please welcome our first white presenter, Anne Hathaway!"
First award of the night! Best Supporting actor: Jared Leto!! They could't have picked a more deserving actor. His role in Dallas Buyers Club was so raw, and so emotional. So happy for him! Not to mention, he had one of the best acceptance speeches!

And then Ellen comes out and takes a photo of herself looking at how wonderful everyone looks! #Oscars #Blessed.
When we all thought that Pharrell had retired that horrid hat, it came out in his performance..... ugh.

And onto the next award! Naomi Watts and Samuel L. Jackson presented Catherine Martin with Best Costume Design for The Great Gatsby! and for Make-up Adruitha Lee and Robin Matthews for Dallas Buyers Club!

Up next was the best animated short presented by Matthew McConaughey and Kim Novak. Mr. Hublot took the award home! And Frozen took home the award for best Animated film! So happy that frozen got to take home the award!
Joesph Gordon-Levit and Emma Watson presented Gravity with the award for best visual affects.

"I'm sitting in Zac Efron's seat because he's going to be up there... please welcome Zac Efron", introducing Karen O to the stage for an amazing performance of her song from the film "Her".
After the break, Kate Hudson and Jason Sudeikis presented the award for the best live action short film to Helium and presented The Lady in Number 6 with best documentary short. They proceeded to give some beautiful words to Alice Summer, who had passed away last week. She was one of the last remaining survivors of the Holocaust.
After a comedic break from Ellen, Bradley Cooper came and presented 20 Feet From Stardom with best Documentary, leading to a spur of the moment musical break from the winners.

After a commercial break, best foreign language film was awarded to The Great Beauty. And with the biggest celebrity filled selfie taken, Ellen welcomed Chris Hemsworth and Charlize Theron to award Gravity with the best sound mixing and sound editing.

Now it's time for the Best Supporting actress, presented by Christoph Waltz. And of course, the ever so beautiful Lupita Nyong'o took home Best Supporting. I couldn't be more thrilled for her! Such a strong performance and such a breathtaking beauty! "and no matter where your from, your dreams are valid"

Then out runs Ellen with a few Pizza boxes for the audience! "Carey Washington is pregnant, she needs some!" but with a lack of money, Ellen turns to the guests for the tip. Amy Adams and Bill Murray came onto the stage to present the award for best cinematography to Gravity! (It's safe to say that if gravity is nominated, it's winning)
Anna Kendrick and Gabourey Sidibe then took the stage to announce Gravity as the winner of best film editing.
After 75 years, Whoopi Goldberg came on stage to talk about the effect the Wizard of Oz had on her childhood and to pay her respects of Judy Garland and her children, asking them to stand up, then inviting P!ink on stage for a breathtaking Wizard Of Oz themed performance. With a dress reminiscent of the Ruby Slippers Dorothy wore in Oz. But sadly, Ellen happened to be a little late on her Glinda tribute.

Benedict Cumberbatch and Jennifer Garner took the stage to award The Great Gatsby for best production design! Wow, Gravity got beat out? Gatsby definitely deserves it.
And then the hard part of the Oscars hits. They pass through the names of actors and actresses that passed away this year, following Bette Midler taking the stage to sing a song in memorial.
And Ellen managed to crash twitter!

After a spectacular performance by Idina Manzel, Jessica Biel and Jamie Foxx presented the award for best original score to Gravity (okay we get it, it's a good movie, lets let someone else win now) followed by Frozen winning the award for best original song. Best Adapted screenplay was awarded to 12 Years a Slave, and Her for best Original Screenplay.

And the Awards everyone gets excited for!
Best Director was awarded to Alfonzo Cuaron for Gravity... This is like the second coming of Avatar for taking EVERYTHING at an award show.
Best Actress was awarded to Cate Blanchett!
Best Actor was awarded to Matthew McConaughey!! He deserved that! So happy (Sorry Leo...)

And the most anticipated award of the night!
Best Picture.....

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