Blending In

Scarf - Wilfred - Aritzia, Blazer - Zara, Button up - Zara, Pants - American Apparel, Boots - Zara

Just when we thought it was over... our first day of spring brought the first day of winter. The weather was getting so nice, allergy season was in affect, and now we're back to snow on the ground. Though I don't want to admit it, I'm actually pretty happy it started snowing again, it gave me the opportunity to shoot a white outfit with a white background! The blazer is probably the best recent purchase! It's extremely comfortable and I never want to take it off! (and it's light enough to wear in the summer +) Gonna take advantage of shooting in the snow while I still can! Spring looks in a winter setting? yup. 


  1. I'd really appreciate it if you could explain how you get your hair to look so perfect!

    1. Hey!
      There's actually a video on the Youth Novels tumblr page!
      Here's the link:

    2. Thanks so much! :)