Banff and the Rimrock

Coat - H&M, Button up - Zara, Pants - American Apparel, Socks - TOPSHOP, Shoes - Gucci

Back to Banff! My friend Kyla and I decided to travel out to Banff Sunday Night and spent Monday wondering around the town. We stayed in the Rimrock Hotel. It's an absolutely stunning building in the mountains with the nicest entrance way I had ever seen. We had booked a decent room for the night, but to our surprise, were upgraded the the Premium Presidential Suite! It was AMAZING!! The nicest hotel room I had ever been in! I didn't want to leave! Our view was straight into the mountains, overlooking a skating rink at the Hotel. We had two bathrooms (with the best shower-heads I've ever experienced, oh my god), a living room area with a TV, two entry doors and the comfiest bed ever! It was the best spur of the moment trip I've ever had! Definitely planning another one for next weekend? who knows!

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