Lets talk Spring Shoes.

With spring on it's way, I decided to pick through the Solestruck website and grab some of my favorite shoes for spring! I narrowed it down to my top three! 

A Pair that I need to get my hand on this spring, are the James Loafers by To Be Announced. I've had my eye on them for some time now, and the outfit ideas keep crawling in! Hopefully I can hunt down a pair this spring. 

Okay, I'm obsessed. Kenzo's Celestial Blue loafers are my dream shoes. Paired with white pants, and fuzzy angora socks? The dream! Again, another pair that I need to get my hands on this spring! They've been on my list for far too long

So many pairs that have been on my list for so long! These Jeffrey Campbell beauties are a total favorite. I saw them last summer on Solestruck and I knew I had to have them! Sadly I didn't make it around to ordering a pair, so hopefully this spring, I can get my hands on them!

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