2014 - Best Music Announcements

So far 2014 is looking to be one of the best years in music! Lily Allen has a new album coming out, St. Vincent, and now Lykke Li!

My heart is racing in anticipation! While creeping through my Facebook newsfeed, I stumbled across a post by Lykke Li, with a video attached. I got really exciting, thinking she finally had a new single coming out, but was pushed out of my seat when it was actually a trailer for her new album, set to release on May 5th!

Though I never post about music on here, I couldn't pass up posting about Lykke Li's new album! You may not know it, but she's a huge part of The Youth Novels... Her first album is actually the title! Back in 2008, her debut album The Youth Novels fell onto stands, and I couldn't keep myself away. The album became a go to for me, and is still a huge part of my life today, along with her second album, Wounded Rhymes. (Both are equally spectacular).
Hopefully May 5th comes fast so I can dive into the beautiful and mesmerizing eargasam that this album is going to be!

Check out the trailer for her third album "I Never Learn", Available WorldWide, May 5th 2014

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