#ThrowbackThursday to 2011

It's been a while since these surfaced! And since it's still Thursday, I thought it'd be okay to throwback to this still! 
Back when I first started with American Apparel, I had the opportunity to design for them! Pretty exciting thing for a Seventeen year old boy! After my design had come out, I was contacted by someone who is now someone I am so happy I keep in contact with! She asked me to send her some photos of me wearing different chiffon button-ups and I used to always wear them layered like in the photo. I remember standing upstairs at my store, against the only white wall where we shot the photos. Later that week, a large section of the American Apparel tumblr had photos of me in different chiffon button-ups! Two years later, they pop back up! 
It was definitely a nice reminder to all the good things that have come from my job. Definitely brings back some really great memories! 

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