Lets talk shoes, again

Lets start off with my favorite pair of oxfords. I snagged these lovlies at the Grand Opening of TOPSHOP/TOPMAN at Chinook Centre! I'm wearing these shoes in all the shots from that day! So much love for them. They're super comfortable and I love how sleek they are! Definitely a favorite. 

Everyone needs that one pair of boots that they can't live without, and that's these boots from Zara. They're an almost every day shoe. Though not ideal for the Calgary snow, they're extremely comfy and look so good. The fade of reds on the shoes is one of their perfect qualities.

Let's get super practical here. In Calgary, the snow gets high, and then gets gross, brown and dirty. White boots are definitely a bad idea. But when they look like this, how can you resist?! I'm obsessed with them, and have got nothing but compliments on them (shocking from a Calgary crowd) Check out Zara's website for a pair!

By far the best christmas gift: Vintage Gucci Loafers from the 80s. Extremely close family friends recently moved into their new house, and during their clean up, they stumbled across these shoes! Luckily, they just happened to be my size, and they gave them to me! Obsessed. I'm afraid to wear them since they're too beautiful to damage, but I know I'll get good use out of them!